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Bent Knee

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28; Noon - 1:30 p.m.

The dark winters of Boston bore a child that crawled out of the womb and called itself Bent Knee. Orchestral textures, haunting vocals, dynamic sound, and charismatic presence are all calling cards for this twisted little rock group. The pinnacle of the Bent Knee experience is the deafening silence between loud explosions, syllable, word, and phrase that leaves the listener hanging in anticipation and uncertainty.

Acclaimed as "avant-indie," Bent Knee's original music, performances, and imaginative covers have been reviewed favorably throughout the northeast, west coast, and many online music blogs, and internet radios. Their self-distributed eponymous album from 2011 has gained support from many avid listeners, and it appeals and resonates with the artsy and dark parts of the human mind.

As current students and alumni of Berklee College of Music, the group features dynamic musicians that come together with a new outlook on writing, performing, and collaborating. Bent Knee goes beyond the typical rock show at conventional music venues, and often hosts creative live music events such as one-day albums, "coloring parties," improvised scores for silent films, and benefits for mental health.

300 Athenaeum Street;
Cambridge, MA 02142

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