Kendall Square

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Now accepting Vendor Applications

Farmers Market Rules and Regulations

If you are scheduled to participate in the market and cannot make it, please apply online call Elizabeth Ginsburg at (646) 326-9044

  • The market manager is responsible for all activities at the market; all vendors will comply with her requests.
  • Specific spaces are reserved only for season pass holders.
  • Vendors provide their own tables, chairs, awning, white 10' x 10' tent,  etc.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning their areas and removing all trash at the end of the market day.
  • Scales used at the market must be sealed and inspected.
  • Vendors must post prices, and display a sign with name of farm or business.
  • Vendors of prepared food need to provide a certificate of their local permit to the Board of   Health in Cambridge.
  • Vendors must bring enough product and supply for customers, and maintain a sufficient display.

We look forward to helping you and running a successful farmers market in Kendall Square!