Farmers Market Rules and Regulations

If you are scheduled to participate in the market and cannot make it, please apply online call Elizabeth Ginsburg at (646) 326-9044

  • The market manager is responsible for all activities at the market; all vendors will comply with her requests.
  • Specific spaces are reserved only for season pass holders.
  • Vendors provide their own tables, chairs, awning, white 10' x 10' tent,  etc.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning their areas and removing all trash at the end of the market day.
  • Scales used at the market must be sealed and inspected.
  • Vendors must post prices, and display a sign with name of farm or business.
  • Vendors of prepared food need to provide a certificate of their local permit to the Board of   Health in Cambridge.
  • Vendors must bring enough product and supply for customers, and maintain a sufficient display.

We look forward to helping you and running a successful farmers market in Kendall Square!